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once compute the dosage

For the sake of the safety of food processing factory, the Yan flies still just evil all of the talented person invited a few veterans on the market, then took them as foundation, set the security section that set up company.Food processing factory at evil all the village of outskirts, but the headquarters of company didn't change, still the 18 F in that mansion.This security section will be responsible for the safety that protects the company headquarters and food factory.
    Six Ping pings also have no Gu there the Yan fly the expectation to her, everything all arrangement tidy.After a month, all of all preparation works complete, factory formally opening production, constantly and continuously reduce weight a biscuit be produced, pile in the warehouse.
    Because the Yan flies of special request, the assistance Zhi brain pushes to perform come of reduce weight in the liquid have no chemicals composition, so when department concerned to reduce weight a biscuit to carry on an examination of time, don't discover to against the medicine composition that the method adds at in, also didn't discover that the harmful material is to the human body.Hence reducing weight a biscuit was very quick and then passed an examination and acquired with the qualifications that the food becomes available in the market to sell.
    In the another part, evil all of the bus, subway and station also start greatly and repeatedly the publicity television advertisement and publicity painting that the dreamlike food reduces weight a biscuit of the appearing of time, high definition.The spokesperson that reduces weight a biscuit still local famous actress, wooden shutters blinds slowly reduce weight a product to start causing the concern of parts of target customers.
    Just inchoate several days in, reduce weight biscuit at pan for gold the last idea miserably thin, had no a list to sell quantity continuously for several days.After all and so several years everyone once experienced too many reduce weight a product of continuously the advertisement bombed, but those reduce weight a product to destine to have no effect, even if reduce weight successfully behind will also sprung, these all make everyone lose confidence towards reducing weight a product.
    But the modern people body figure is partial to fat, so reduce weight and just needed, as long as the newly reduced weight- product came out, everyone still would want to taste to take a shot of, after all the heart of love of beauty, the person all had it.Just this nourishment biscuit on the television advertisement but a bit expensive, a box of 20 pieces of biscuits, the total weight only has 200 grams of, can eat for 5 days, but the price comes to a terrible 2000 dollars.
    The Yan flew to pass to lend support to a Zhi brain to once compute the dosage of reducing weight the liquid and discovered a human body as long as take 25 milligrams of reduce weight a liquid and then can be reduced weight antibody.And a box of reduce weight biscuit in have of wholesale Plantation shutters reduce weight a liquid to come to a 0.1 grams, is also 100 milligrams.Even if the time that is edible wastes 1:00, also enough human body absorbs to enough reduce weight a liquid and makes the immune system is reduced weight antibody and attain to reduce weight of purpose.
    All of these are to lend support to the Zhi brain process nicety calculation the result of , so the Yan flies to will reduce weight a biscuit to make into specification like this.Was unique to make people feeling terrible is its price, come to a 2000 dollars box.
    But the Yan flies and six Ping pings but feel this price not expensive, the modern people widespreadly lack to toughen and plus nourishment excess and hugely reduced weight a need.But various reduce weight product and sport to toughen cost of the amount of money far and far outrun 2000 dollars, can also not necessarily attain the effect for reducing weight.But oneself's house's reducing weight a biscuit is to truely reduce weight effect, only 1 box, can quickly reduce weight, and don't have poisonous side effect to the body, to those persons who want to reduce weight, actually have been very worthwhile.
    Say to is also funny, the Yan flies like this a function of passing the immune system to the invention for reducing weight and have been already calculated up very sophisticated biotechnology, once he announces, all at least can take a Nobel medical science prize.Now but be disguised in the biscuit by him, use the way of food outward sale, don't dare to expose.He even all didn't declare this invention into patent, complete conceal this invention.

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